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4 Fabulous Holiday Party Makeup Looks

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The holidays are a time for having fun, even with your makeup routine. The key to looking pretty and polished at all of your big holiday events? Taking time to refresh your makeup products’ color palette so it feels fresh, modern, and wintry. “Invest as much thought into your makeup as you do in your outfit,” says Luba Todorova, makeup artist at Warren Tricomi Salons. But if you already feel strapped for time during the busy holiday season, not to worry: this cheat sheet will be all the inspiration you need to help you update your party look fast. That way, you can focus on the rest of your holiday to-do list!

Tips to Take Your Holiday Look Up a Notch

Go with a bright shade on your lids

“Skip the traditional ‘smokey eye,’ and opt for a colorful eyeliner,” says Todorova. “If you still are attached to black, use both.” Just apply your everyday eyeliner and then cover that with a swipe of a vibrant hue or something with sparkle for extra pop. To play up the drama of your bright eyes, Todorova suggests leaving your brows as natural as possible. Comb them into place and set with a clear or tinted brow gel. If you need some extra inspiration, look to your dress for a color cue — match your eyeliner to it. Or you can use a shadow that complements your eye color if you’re not an eyeliner person. “Even one color eye shadow on the entire lid with extra eyelashes will give you that party look,” says Todorova.

Lash out

Turn up the glam factor with false eyelashes. For ease of application, Todorova recommends oversize strip lashes, which come in different sizes and colors. They are much easier to apply than individual lashes. Choose something that flatters your eye shape and color.

Make your skin glow

“Unless you have leftover suntan, don’t go for the beachy-bronze face,” says Tordorova. Instead, after applying your foundation and concealer, find a berry-colored blush, and use that to define the hollows of your cheeks. Whether you prefer a stick, powder, or liquid formula, highlighter is your best friend. “Add extra shimmer on top of your cheekbones, and the artificial lights at night will reflect on it for extra dazzle,” says Todorova.

Rock a bold lip

The quickest and easiest way to get holiday-party ready is with a swipe of lipstick — the rest of your face can be bare, and you’ll still stand out. “Your lips should be a statement,” says Todorova. “Bright, matte, sparkly — anything goes.” Red is the color with the most holiday cheer, but stick with a shade with blue undertones like wine-colored reds and berries. These will make your teeth pop, instantly enhancing they’re whiteness and brightness.

Remember: no party look is complete without a smile, so make sure yours is in tip-top shape for the holiday season.

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