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How to Create Your Own Signature Makeup Look

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Finding your signature style is a fun and empowering way to stand out from the crowd and show the world how you want to be seen. However, wading through a sea of YouTube beauty tutorials, Instagram eyebrows, and endless products at the beauty counter can make figuring out what exactly works for you a little difficult. So many choices — but which of these choices best represents who you are?

Melina Ruiz, a California-based makeup artist and beauty expert, gave us her top three ways to create a “signature style,” and simple instructions on how to execute them. Get ready to feel glamorous!

How to Create Your Signature Style

Experiment With a Bold Lip

“Bold lips are for everyone!” says Ruiz, so don’t shy away from this style! “These days, there are so many options for a fun bold lip.” And what better way to highlight your smile than with a fun, colorful lipstick? “The brighter, the better,” she says.

“If you aren’t too sure about wearing a statement lip, you can start off by dabbing the lip color on your finger and then dabbing it on your lip. This will create a more stained lip color effect, rather than an opaque bold color,” explains Ruiz.

A strong lipstick game is a total power move, and might just be what you need for that extra oomph of confidence.

Invest in Monochromatic Makeup

If you love an all-over bronze vacation vibe, or glowing golds, or dewy peachy pinks, a monochromatic look might be your new default. What does that mean? You pick a color scheme and then emphasize those tones throughout the entire makeup look. For example, if you love a good blush pink, incorporate that into your eye shadow, blush, and lips.

“The best way to achieve a monochromatic look is to incorporate multi-functioning products,” says Ruiz. For example, you can use a cream blush on both your lips and cheeks — that way, you tie in the lip and cheek color. “You can also add that cream blush to your eyelids as a base color, before adding eye shadow to it.”

Doing this creates a similar hue throughout different parts of your face, explains Ruiz, which can really help your features pop. “There will be slight variations in the shade when applying a multi-use product on your lips compared to your cheeks, but overall they will complement each other.”

Have Fun With a Loud Eyeliner

Are you all about your eyes? Then it’s time to get daring with your liner. “This look is for that person who is willing to try something different,” said Melina. “There are a couple ways you can create a fun, eclectic look by taking a different approach to bringing attention to your eyes.”

Even though this look is different, it’s not distracting, says Ruiz, and can work on anyone.

“First, you can try a bold color eyeliner. If you don’t want to dive into the brightest shades of the rainbow, you can start off with a deep blue or burgundy shade,” Ruiz advises. If you want to take things a few steps further, you can use a colored shadow over your eyeliner with an angled eyeliner brush.

You can also play with shapes! Ruiz suggests a newer (but equally playful) trend of “dots and lines” around your eyes using a liquid liner.

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