How Acid Erosion Affects You

The Effects of Acid Erosion

We may not be able to see the effects of Acid Erosion, but a dentist will be checking for the early signs at the same time as they’re checking for tooth decay or tooth pain. 

Even if our teeth look healthy today, they can be at risk from these 5 effects:

healthy teeth



The acids in everyday food and drink can weaken enamel making it easier to wear.



As more enamel wears away, teeth can become visibly thinner.


Transparent or See-through

As the enamel thins, the edges of your teeth can appear transparent or see-through.



As our weakened enamel is worn away, the more yellow dentine layer underneath can become more visible.



As the enamel wears away, our teeth may lose their shine, making them appear dull.

Over time, not only can these effects get gradually worse, but teeth may also become sensitive as the protective enamel disappears and the dentine layer below is exposed. We can start protecting our teeth today, to help stop Acid Erosion from getting any worse. Visit the next section to find out how.