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Is Apple Cider Vinegar Bad for Teeth?

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If you’ve been hearing about apple cider vinegar a lot lately, it’s because the health world has fallen in love with it. Health bloggers and influencers insist it can help with everything from weight loss to lowering inflammation, but have any of these claims been verified? And can drinking something acidic like vinegar every day actually do more harm than good when it comes to our teeth?

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Have Any Verified Health Benefits?

Even though there have been some interesting studies illustrating the possibility of certain health benefits, when it comes to concrete evidence, the research around apple cider vinegar is lacking.

While many people claim it can help with weight loss, there is no compelling evidence that shows a correlation between drinking apple cider vinegar and losing weight. However, a few studies have shown a connection between a reduced glucose response and drinking apple cider vinegar, and there seems to be some evidence connecting consuming apple cider vinegar and increased “short-term satiety.”

Bottom line: drinking apple cider vinegar may help with steadying blood sugar and short-term feelings of hunger, but science can’t say for sure.

Can Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Daily Harm Teeth?

Like other vinegars, apple cider vinegar is acidic, and while there is a study that shows a connection between vinegar consumption and enamel erosion, it should be noted that this particular study soaked human teeth in vinegar for eight hours — not a typical scenario for most people. And while it doesn’t have any specific recommendations around drinking or not drinking apple cider vinegar, the American Dental Association agrees that “prolonged contact” between teeth and acidic foods or drinks like apple cider vinegar can put teeth at risk for enamel erosion.

Bottom line: if you’re staying vigilant with your daily oral care, occasionally drinking a small bit of apple cider vinegar is probably fine. A great way to keep your oral health in tip-top shape? Brush with Pronamel toothpaste. Brushing twice a day with Pronamel Strong & Bright not only protects teeth from cavities, but it also helps polish away stains by delivering fluoride to actively help strengthen enamel.

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