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Why Pronamel® Toothpaste?

Pronamel® toothpaste is the first line of defense against acid erosion and helps protect your tooth enamel from further damage. Learn more about how Pronamel® works and why it’s different from regular toothpaste.

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Pronamel® Toothpaste Actively Strengthens Weakened Tooth Enamel

Learn how Pronamel® strengthens weakened enamel and prevents further enamel from deteriorating.

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Behind the Paste: How Pronamel® Works

Fluoride is important for healthy teeth. Learn how the optimized formulation of Pronamel® helps strengthen and protect your enamel from further damage.  

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The Benefits of Pronamel® Toothpaste

Pronamel® is different from other toothpastes. Learn more about the benefits of Pronamel® toothpaste.

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The Science Behind Pronamel® Intensive Enamel Repair

Pronamel® Intensive Enamel Repair improves the remineralization cycle to repair and protect enamel.

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The Science Behind Pronamel® Strong & Bright Enamel

See how Pronamel® Strong & Bright works to help keep your teeth healthy and white with its dual action formula.

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Sensodyne® or Pronamel®: Which Toothpaste Is Right for You?

Both offer cavity protection, fresh taste, and sensitivity relief. Find out which toothpaste is right for your teeth.