Pronamel vs Sensodyne: Which Toothpaste is Right for You?

Pronamel or Sensodyne: Which Toothpaste Is Right for You?

Which toothpaste is right for your oral care needs? Sensodyne and Pronamel offer cavity protection, fresh taste, and sensitivity relief. However, if you are dealing with heightened tooth sensitivity or acid weakened enamel, one toothpaste may be more suited toward your oral care needs. Take this short quiz to find out.


sensodyne rapid relief for sensitive teeth


may be right for you.

Sensodyne is specifically made to help relieve and protect against sensitivity. See all Sensodyne toothpastes.

pronamel multi-action to strengthen teeth


may be right for you.

Pronamel helps strengthen weakened enamel and helps protect it from the effects of acid erosion. See all Pronamel toothpastes.

Tooth Enamel Callout

Pronamel Toothpaste Actively Strengthens Weakened Tooth Enamel

Learn how Pronamel strengthens weakened enamel and prevents further enamel from deteriorating.

Woman and Man Smiling Showing Strong and White Enamel

Are Everyday Acids Affecting Your Tooth Enamel?

Acids in your diet can wear down your enamel. Take this short quiz to see if your teeth are being affected by acid erosion.

laughing woman with healthy teeth

How Sensodyne Toothpaste Helps Manage Sensitivity 

Find out how Sensodyne toothpaste is clinically proven to treat tooth sensitivity.