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Enamel Erosion in Children & Teens

In the United States, about 40% of adolescents are already exhibiting signs of acid erosion, a type of enamel wear. That’s because the eating habits of adolescents can make their enamel more vulnerable to acid erosion. Teenagers often eat a wide variety of acidic foods, including soft drinks, ketchup, and even healthy foods, such as fruit juices and fruits.

Below are some tips that can help limit an adolescent’s exposure to acid erosion:

avoid brushing teeth after eating symbol

Avoid brushing right after eating when the enamel is soft.

rinse your mouth with water after acidic foods and diet symbol

Try to follow acidic meals with a glass of water or milk to help neutralize the acid.

swallow acidic drinks rather than swishing them in the mouth symbol

Encourage immediate swallowing of an acidic drink rather than swishing it around their mouths.

drink acidic beverage in one sitting symbol

Drink an acidic beverage in one sitting, rather than sipping it throughout the day.

swallow food after proper chewing symbol

Instead of sucking on acidic snacks like sour candies, or even healthy ones such as orange wedges, encourage swallowing of food once it has been properly chewed.

regular dental check up symbol

Go for regular dental checkups and follow their advice.

keep teeth bright and strong with enamel friendly snacks symbol

Give snacks that can help protect their teeth—check out this list of enamel-friendly snacks.

Pronamel® toothpaste is approved for adults and children 12 years of age and older.

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