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The Most Acidic Foods and Drinks for Teeth

Here’s a surprising fact about acid erosion that you may not know: According to the ADA, up to 80% of adults are at risk of enamel loss because of what they eat. The culprit? Acidic foods and drinks.

What’s even more surprising is that many of the healthy foods and drinks we enjoy, like fruits and juices, are highly acidic.

The good news is you don’t have to change your healthy diet to protect your teeth. All you need to do is be more mindful about the healthy options you’re choosing—while limiting or avoiding the unhealthy ones—and taking care of your enamel along the way.

How Acidic Foods and Drinks Affect Teeth

Over time, acids in everyday foods and drinks can wear away your enamel in a process called acid erosion. Your enamel is the visible, outermost layer of your teeth. It helps protect the sensitive areas of your teeth and keeps them looking bright and white. Dental experts believe that as few as four acidic challenges a day may put you at risk of acid erosion. As enamel wears away, it exposes the yellow inner layer of the tooth (called dentin), which can lead to tooth sensitivity.

How to Protect Against Acid Erosion

Remember, protecting your teeth from enamel loss doesn’t mean you need to completely change your diet. It’s about moderation. You can continue to make healthy eating choices; all you need to do is take a few simple steps to protect your teeth at the same time. Here are some tips to help you prevent enamel loss while still enjoying acidic foods and drinks:

  • After eating acidic foods, wait before you brush. This gives your saliva a chance to wash away acids.
  • If you’re going to indulge in highly acidic drinks, be sure to use a straw.
  • When enjoying an acidic drink, don’t swish or hold it in your mouth longer than you need to. Just sip and swallow.
  • After an acidic meal or drink, rinse your mouth with water or have a glass of milk. Non-fermented dairy products and other calcium-rich foods can help neutralize acids.
  • Brush your teeth with a Pronamel toothpaste to give your teeth extra protection against the effects of everyday acids.
  • Now that you’re in the know, eat healthy and enjoy!
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