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How to Prevent Acid Tooth Erosion

Acid erosion happens when acids found in certain foods and drinks weaken the enamel surfaces of your teeth.1 When enamel is weakened, your teeth are much more easily worn away. Your body cannot replace this lost enamel, so it is important to know how you can care for it and protect it against acid erosion.1

Watch the video or read the tips below to learn some simple steps you can take to protect your enamel from acid erosion:

6 ways to help protect your enamel

  • Try not to brush your teeth immediately after eating or drinking and be sure to use a soft-bristled toothbrush.1
  • Use a straw when enjoying acidic drinks to minimize their contact with your teeth. Don't swish them around or hold them in your mouth.1
  • If you’re eating something acidic, have cheese, milk or another non-acidic food or drink with it to minimize the effects.1
  • Brush for at least two minutes, twice a day.1 Try setting a timer or playing a song to keep track of time.
  • Make sure you visit your dentist regularly.1
  • Use Pronamel toothpaste as your daily fluoride toothpaste.

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