The science behind Active Shield

Dietary Acids can damage teeth

Strong enamel is your first line of defense against erosion and cavities. Over time, acids coming from your diet can weaken your tooth enamel by dissolving minerals from its surface. This can cause 2 different problems – erosion and cavities.

  • Acid Erosion. Erosion happens when certain acids present in foods directly act on exposed areas of the enamel, weakening its surface so it can be worn away.
  • Cavities happen when sugars in your diet are converted to acid by plaque bacteria on the surface of your tooth. This acid acts under the surface of your enamel in hard-to-brush areas, eventually causing the enamel surface to collapse forming a hole or cavity.

Can Pronamel Active Shield help defend against erosion and cavities?

The enamel can strengthen and repair itself naturally when lost minerals are replaced by minerals in saliva as long as the amount of mineral lost is not too great. Active Shield toothpaste promotes this ‘remineralization’ with its optimized fluoride technology, creating a fluoride-rich surface layer, enhancing protection to better* shield enamel from future acid attacks.**

*compared to your mouths natural defenses
**reduce sugar in your diet to help prevent tooth decay.


How does Pronamel Active Shield work?

Pronamel Active Shield’s optimized formulation drives fluoride and calcium deep into weakened enamel surface to form a renewed, stronger tooth surface. This surface, fortified with fluoride, is an effective shield, shown to provide 2x stronger defense against acids in foods and drinks*, helping protect your enamel from acid erosion. This shield will also help protect against acids from sugars, to give you effective cavity protection against cavities when used 2x per day in addition to eating a healthy diet. With an improved foaming action system**- Pronamel Active Shield is designed to encourage regular brushing for strong teeth for life^.

*vs your mouth's natural defenses
** vs Pronamel daily protection
^with continued twice daily brushing, a healthy diet and regular dental visits.

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