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Holiday Beauty & Oral Health Tips

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These simple beauty tips will help you sparkle at all your holiday parties this year.

Even though they happen every year, holiday parties always promise a little bit of magic. Maybe it’s the good vibes from the season, or the abundant shimmer in all that holiday makeup, but whatever the reason, these gatherings always give us something to look forward to.

If you’re ready to make a real statement at your celebrations this year, follow these simple beauty hacks to stand out from the crowd in the best way!

Brighten Your Eyes

“Apply a light shimmer shadow in the inner corner of the eyes to brighten them and help make you look awake and fresh,” says Marlena Stell, makeup artist and founder of Makeup Geek. By focusing on the inner corners, she says you’re able to take away any darkness or puffiness that may exist—two things that can definitely happen during the hectic, stressful holiday season!

Add a Pop of Color to Your Cheeks

The holiday season may be full of festivities, but it isn’t always full of sun, which means many of us have a slightly paler complexion than we’d hoped for come party time. The good news is that according to Stell, blush is back!

“Give yourself a natural, cute flush without the chill, and choose some pinks for your cheeks this holiday season,” she advises. If pink just doesn’t seem to fit your skin tone, consider an orange-colored blush or even a light bronzer for a more golden look, she says.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask a salesperson or makeup artist for their advice if you feel a little stuck when it comes to the perfect color for your cheeks!

Rock a Bold Lip

“Red lips are always in holiday style, but choosing the best red can be tricky,” Stell says. Because of all the different shades of red out there, she advises getting an expert opinion on the perfect hue.

One great reason to choose a bold red? It may help those pearly whites shine even brighter! “To make your teeth appear whiter, choose a blue-based red, like a candy apple red,” Stell suggests.

Show Your Teeth Some Love

When brushing before your next holiday party, show your teeth some TLC by using a toothpaste that not only helps get rid of stains, but also actively helps strengthen your enamel.

Pronamel toothpaste is a great option because it not only works to strengthen your enamel, but immediately starts protecting against the effects of acid erosion, which is the softening of enamel due to food. Start brushing twice daily with Pronamel a few weeks out from your big holiday shindig, so you can debut a smile that’s as healthy as it is bright!

Use a Toner

“Winter months can wreak havoc on your skin, making it look dry and dull,” says Stell. “To add a fresh dewy look, mist a hydrating toner all over your face after you apply your makeup.” The toner will help soften any powders you’ve applied, and it will add moisture back to your skin to keep it hydrated all night long.

Show Off Your New Look

We’ve heard it time and time again, but it really is true —there’s nothing more attractive than confidence!

Whatever outfit or shade of lipstick you choose, give yourself permission to feel like the most beautiful person in the room. The more you feel it, the more others will feel it, too!