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9 Beach Beauty Essentials to Go From the Waves to Town

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Your smile is gleaming, your skin is beaming — you know where we’re going with this! Your beauty routine goes so much deeper than makeup, and this summer, you’re going to want to work on those dazzling pearly whites and that glowing skin.

Everyone who lives for the summer knows a bag full of beach beauty products is essential for fun in the sun. For freshening up between sunbathing on the shore and margaritas on the town, you’ll want to have all the go-to summer staples tossed in your tote. Think: skin-protecting sunscreen, enamel-protecting toothpaste (like Pronamel), and all the moisturizing products you can imagine.

Here’s what to bring along for your seaside summertime adventures:

Beach Beauty Essentials to Take You From Day to Night


The number one beauty essential for summertime is always a good sunblock! Protect your body from harmful UV rays while you soak up all that sunshine.

Gentle facial cleanser

After a salty swim and all that heavy SPF, you’ll want to give your pores a break (and prep for a little makeup for your evening excursion). Bring along a gentle, hydrating cleanser for your face so you can rinse and go.

Toothbrush and Pronamel

Add a travel toothbrush and a tube of Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair toothpaste to your bag to help keep your enamel protected against the effects of acid erosion. Summer beverages, like lemonade and fruity cocktails, can be quite acidic!

Body wipes

Need to freshen up sans shower? A cleansing towelette is just the ticket. Wipe off the excess sunscreen, salt, sand, and sweat from a hot day in the sun.


Rehydrate your skin after being in the sun all day with a moisturizer that has aloe vera or soy to help soothe any sunburned skin you might have.

Tinted lip balm

Speaking of moisturizing, you’ll want to keep your lips from drying out in the summer air, too. Opt for a tinted variety so it doubles as your nighttime lipstick.

Dry shampoo

You’ll already have sea salt beach waves from your day on the shore, but if your roots get greasy from the heat, this will give you a just-washed look and feel.


You’ve been sweating all day in the summer heat; have some of this on hand to keep that BO at bay. Your friends at happy hour will be grateful.

Makeup staples

Go for a glowing, natural summer look with your beauty products. Think: a cream blush for your cheeks and lips, brow gel, and maybe a little bronzer. This will keep you looking fresh and sun-kissed but still polished.

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