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One of the Best Low-Acid, Healthy Drinks For Your Next BBQ

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Lemonade is pretty much the quintessential Summer drink. After all, nothing says “warmer weather has arrived” like partaking in an ice-cold glass, whether it’s 50 cents and from a lemonade stand, or $15 and mixed into some fancy cocktail.

But even though that tart and refreshing flavor is second to none, lemonade is quite acidic, which means it’s not so friendly to your teeth. Over time, highly acidic drinks like lemonade can contribute to tooth erosion, which is the wearing away of tooth enamel. If you’re actively trying to protect your enamel, brushing twice a day with Pronamel’s Intensive Enamel Repair toothpaste, which is proven to help actively repair acid-weakened enamel and helps protect teeth from acid erosion, is a great way to do it! Another step in the right direction is to quell your summer lemonade habit with one of the best low-acid drinks warm weather has to offer: watermelon water.

How to Make Watermelon Water, a Low-Acid BBQ Favorite

Watermelon water — which is literally a drink made from blended watermelon — couldn’t be easier to make. Even better, with a pH level of around 5, watermelon also falls into a “minimally erosive” category, while lemons (with a pH level of around 2), are categorized as “extremely erosive.”

To make a thirst-quenching batch of watermelon water, you need:

  • 1 large watermelon, chopped into small chunks
  • A blender

That’s it! Once your watermelon is prepped and chopped, you can either put the pieces into a plastic bag and freeze them (for an extra frosty drink), or blend them up immediately. Pour into glasses and serve with a long straw (and maybe one of those cute, tiny drink umbrellas).

Beyond Acidic Foods: Keeping Your Enamel Safe

Even though watermelon isn’t considered highly acidic, it does contain sugar — like most of the fruits and carbs we consume. And while certain foods like lemons and limes are highly erosive to teeth, that doesn’t negate their other health benefits. To truly protect your teeth from acid erosion, try rinsing your mouth with water right after consuming acidic foods, waiting an hour to brush your teeth (so your saliva can work to naturally wash some of the acid away), and make sure you’re brushing with an enamel-protecting toothpaste, like Pronamel.

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