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5 Ways to Get a Camera-Ready Smile For Wedding Season

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Weddings: we either love them or love to hate them. Regardless of our personal feelings, however, during the late Spring and Summer months, most of us find ourselves attending a few. While we can’t teach you how to ignore the pain of dancing for hours in four-inch heels, or navigate a questionable wedding buffet, we can certainly provide a few tips on how to get your smile camera-ready this wedding season, and the best part? These tips are as easy as can be to follow!

How to Make Your Smile Camera-Ready This Wedding Season

Go the Gentle Route

If store-bought teeth whitening strips aren’t your jam, consider going a different route with a toothpaste like Pronamel Strong and Bright. Not only does it polish, it helps remove stains for whiter teeth1, it protects enamel against the effects of acid erosion and helps provide sensitivity relief.

Make a Date With Dental Care

A good dental routine includes regular cleanings at the dentist, as well as brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day. If you have a busy schedule and often find yourself rushing through your routine, an easy way to make more time for your smile is to set alarm reminders on your phone. Carve out enough time in the morning and evening to brush thoroughly, floss, and rinse.

Build a Wedding Kit

Be extra prepared the day of the big event by creating a handy dandy wedding kit. Find a small pouch that can safely fit inside your purse, and fill it with sparkling smile must haves like floss picks, travel-size mouthwash, and a mirror. Don’t forget a travel-size toothbrush and toothpaste to get your teeth squeaky clean.

Stay Away From Foods That Can Harm Your Dental Health

If you want to create your healthiest smile before a big wedding, it’s important to limit foods and drinks like soda, sticky candies, and citrus, as these foods can damage tooth enamel. Starting as soon as possible, swap out sugary sweets and carbonated beverages for healthy alternatives to help prevent damage. And because many healthy foods — like fresh fruit — still contain sugar, it’s extra important to be diligent about brushing!

Remember to Relax

Studies suggest that stress can negatively impact oral health, so try to keep those anxious thoughts about finding the right outfit or the perfect accessory to a minimum! Yes, looking great in those Instagram photos is important, but your happiness and mental health definitely come first.

1 vs. Pronamel Daily Protection

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